33rd Akbank Jazz Festival: Hidden Orchestra

Hidden Orchestra will be our guest on October 5 as part of 33rd Akbank Jazz Festival!

Emerging from the studio of Joe Acheson – a versatile musician, composer, and producer – Hidden Orchestra seeks to constantly enrich its sound palette and employs an extensive range of inspirations. This project has been shaped by field recordings, electronic and acoustic instruments, and guest musicians drawing upon distinctive musical traditions. The group’s discography includes several albums in various formats issued on record labels like Tru Thoughts, Decca Records, and Denovali. Their recordings have been influenced by Sufi music, progressive rock, and ambient compositions. The group also won several awards for the original soundtrack of the video game Creaks in 2020. This endless musical universe can be seen in the flesh in their live performances in which impressive virtuosos and dazzling visual materials accompany Acheson. The group announced the release of their latest album To Dream is to Forget in September 2023. Hidden Orchestra will join the 33rd Akbank Jazz Festival at Babylon on October 5 as part of their new album tour.

Joe Acheson: Bass, electronics
Jamie Graham: Drums
Poppy Ackroyd: Piano
Jack McNeill: Clarinet
Becky Knight: Cello

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open
21:30 Hidden Orchestra