Alfred Darlington's experimental electronic project Daedelus will be at Babylon on September 19!

Having had an interest in music at an early age and having studied jazz, Darlington, who is also known as Daedelus, reflects the inspirational periods of history such as Greek mythology to his music as well as his image, as understood from the name he selected. Taking the journey, which he started as a DJ in 1999 to a new level with his 2002 release "Invention", the Californian artist presented The Light Brigade, the last product of his works which he enriched with new melodies in time, to the taste of music lovers. Continuing his journey, which he had set out on alone, as a member of the Ninja Tune family, Daedelus draws attention with his own works along with his collaborations with musicians like Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, The Gaslamp Killer and Baths.

Event Program

00:00 Da Poet
23:59 Daedelus