Şam, Guest: İstanbul Trip

We are hosting Şamil Oymak, a rising star of the Turkish rap scene, on September 19th! Members of Istanbul Trip, Maestro, Heja, Xir and Ashoo will assist Şam, who has recently released his latest album!

Born in Istanbul and known under the name of ''Şam'' in the rap world, Şamil Oymak has been part of the Turkish rap and hip-hop culture since the age of 10. As a part of Trip and Kadıköy Acil bands, he took stage in several cities in Turkey and released his first album ''P.O.P. Mixtape Pt.1'' in 2018. Having recently shared his second album ''P.O.P. Mixtape Pt.2'', the rapper is pursuing his career with his band MGL 47.

Event Program

20:30 Doors Open