İmer Demirer Quartet

One of Turkey’s most important jazz musicians, Imer Demirer was introduced to the trumpet at the tender age of 12.

Upon completion of a decade-long classical education for the trumpet at the Istanbul Conservatory, Imer Demirer quickly found work playing in a variety of important projects such as TRT Jazz Orchestra and the EBU Jazz Orchestra. A former member of the group Acid Trippin’, over the years Demirer has gained recognition for his talents as a musician from artists such as Lee Morgan and Woody Shaw and has played with notable names such as Ari Honig.

İmer Demirer Quartet
İmer Demirer: Trompet/Trumpet
Serkan Özyılmaz: Piyano / Piano
Matt Hall: Kontrbas / Double Bass
Cem Aksel: Davul / Drums

Event Program

22:30 İmer Demirer