Okay Temiz 3 + 1 Project: Xavier Desandre Navarre - Minino Garay - Nedim Nalbantoğlu

One of the first names that comes to mind when “percussive instruments” & “Turkey” are mentioned in the same sentence, Okay Temiz, will appear at Babylon with his new project 3 + 1, which sees him join forces with a new team of collaborators.

Okay Temiz, who wrote the book on rhythm in Turkish jazz history, will present a project that features 3 percussion instruments and one violin. Okay Temiz will be joined by master French percussionists Xavier Desandre Navarre and Minino Garay, as well as Nedim Nalbantoğlu who contributes the magical sound of his violin to the project.

Okay Temiz 3 +1 Project:

Okay Temiz: Percussions
Xavier Desandre Navarre: Percussions
Minino Gray: Percussions
Nedim Nalbantoğlu: Violin

Event Program

21:30 Okay Temiz