Aydın Esen & Wolfgang Muthspiel

One of the most visionary musicians of our time, Aydin Esen is an innovative pianist who never fails to differentiate himself by pushing the boundaries of creativity.

A matchless talent who has developed the art of improvisation as a master pianist, it seems Aydin Esen is always one step ahead of everyone else. Aydin Esen has been called the world’s best pianist by Chick Corea himself and has worked with artists such as Miroslav Vitous and Vinnie Claiuta. For his performance at this year’s Akbank Jazz Festival, Esen will appear at Babylon together with Austrian master guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel. 

Aydın Esen & Wolfgang Muthspiel:
Aydın Esen: Piano
Wolfgang Muthspiel: Guitar

Event Program

21:30 Aydın Esen and Wolfgang Muthspiel