Barbarlar featuring Craig Harris

Akbank Caz Festivalinin en özel konuklarından biri de “Barbarlar”.

Founded under the leadership of one of Turkey’s most distinguished musicians, pianist Ali Perret, the group performs modern jazz with mastery. The Barbarians includes Furio Di Castri, an artist who has worked with countless artists in Italy and released 17 albums to date, as well as famous percussionist Selim Selçuk. Jazz trombonist and composer Craig Harris, who has played with avant-garde legendary artists such as Sun Ra and David Murray since he first started making a name for himself in 1976, will join The Barbarians on stage.

Barbarlar featuring Craig Harris:
Ali Perret: Piano, Keyboard
Furio Di Castri: Double Bass
Selim Selçuk: Drums
Craig Harris: Trombone

Event Program

21:00 Barbarlar featuring Craig Harris