Wax Tailor

Impossible to categorize, Wax Tailor is an out of the ordinary French musician who has been compared to the likes of DJ Shadow and RJD2 and has been nominated for many awards.

Releasing his third studio album “In the Mood for Life” last year, Wax Tailor manages to artfully build a bridge across an array of genres including soul, funk and 60s pop. Wax Tailor is a forward-thinking artist, constantly educating himself and displaying his vast knowledge of music on each subsequent release. For his festival performance Wax Tailor will be presenting a set of eclectic yet warm groove-filled music.

Wax Tailor:
Jean-Christophe Le Saout: DJ / DJ
Mathieu Detton: Çello / Cello
Daryl Parks: MC / MC
Charlotte Savary: Vokal / Vocals
Christelle Lassort: Keman / Violin
Ludivine Isambourg: Flüt / Flute

Event Program

21:30 Wax Tailor