33rd Akbank Jazz Festivali: Ayyuka

As part of Akbank Jazz Festival, Ayyuka will take our stage on September 29!

Not caught up in today’s mania for retro music, since 2001, Ayyuka has managed to develop a unique sound while creatively reinterpreting Turkish Psychedelic Rock.

The band has received inspiration from musicians such as Dick Dale and John Frusciante, and local heroes like Erkin Koray and Orhan Gencebay to make their guitar-oriented music. However, their passionate interest in film music and improvisation creates unexpected twists in their songs. To date, Ayyuka has performed with Sonic Youth and Jonathan Richman and worked with Afrobeat legend Orlando Julius on their recordings. Their latest album Maslak Halayı, released by Tantana Records in 2019, was the product of a creative collaboration with Tommaso Colliva – mastermind of the Italian funk band Calibro 35. The worldwide hype of Yukadans, a popular song on this album, will now be followed by their upcoming EP Zaman Ziyan, composed of four brand new instrumental tracks. Zaman Ziyan is expected to provide the audience with a kaleidoscope of diverse musical landscapes based on genres like afro-beat, funk, dub, and arabesk. Save the date for one of their first performances of this EP, live at Babylon on September 29, as part of the Akbank Jazz Festival.

Alican Tezer: Drums

Altan Sebüktekin: Bass

Ahmet Kul: Guitar

Özgür Yılmaz: Vocal, guitar

Event Program

21:00 Doors Open
22:00 Ayyuka