Burhan Öcal & Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Wolfgang Puschnig

One of the most outstanding collabration of the festival will be percussion master Burhan Öçal, legendary bass player Jamaaladeen Tacuma and saxophone virtuoso Wolfgang Puschnig.

Tacuma and Öçal worked together before in ‘Groove Alla Turca’ and with their special guests they’re promising a dynamic performance. Tacuma distinguished himself with his aggressive playing style and he is known to be ‘Boss of The Bass ‘. Wolfgang Puschnig is a virtuoso who mastered in different intruments and music genres. Burhan Öçal’s passionate playing style, Tacuma’s rigorous bass and Puschnig’s infinite talent, it will be one of the most colorful acts of festival.

Burhan Öçal & Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Wolfgang Puschnig

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Bas / Bass
Burhan Öçal: Darbuka / Darbuka
Wolfgang Puschnig: Alto Saksafon / Alto Saxophone

Event Program

22:30 Burhan Öçal & Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Wolfgang Puschnig